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Saturday Academy Endowment Fund

A letter from Audwin and Rae Helton and Dean Hudson which describes the role and importance of the Saturday Academy and its long-term success in serving our community.

March, 2011

Dear Friend and supporter,

The University of Louisville is mid-way through a comprehensive campaign that will direct the course and caliber of education at UofL and the College of Arts & Sciences for many years to come. Throughout discussions with our faculty, students, and University administration, the funding priorities for the College of Arts & Sciences were determined. Without a doubt, we will need the support of alumni and people across this community to achieve the goal of becoming the next great liberal arts institution in the country.

One of the focuses of the campaign is ensuring that education at UofL is more accessible to greater numbers of deserving individuals and that the impact the University makes on the people of Louisville is enhanced through stronger and greater outreach programs.

One of the longest running outreach programs at UofL is the College of Arts & Sciences Saturday Academy. For twenty years, Dr. James Blaine Hudson, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, has led the Saturday Academy and provided quality, academic experiences for hundreds of people across the city.  The Saturday Academy began as a partnership with Jefferson County Public Schools in 1991, with a focus on bringing the African American world history and experience to the community. Since that time, the Saturday Academy has blossomed into a weekly community classroom engaging people of various backgrounds and experiences together to learn about and discuss world events and academic theory with some of the College’s nationally recognized faculty and administrators.

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Saturday Academy and to achieve the goals and priorities of the University’s campaign, we invite you to join us in establishing the Saturday Academy Endowment Fund. This endowed fund will allow the Saturday Academy to continue bringing the University’s greatest faculty members together with people who may not have the opportunity to walk the grounds of Belknap Campus or gather to achieve the formal education this great University has to offer. Additionally, this fund will provide resources for students to have hands on experience in “real-world” settings and use their opportunity of higher education to reach out to others across our community.

The Saturday Academy is a prized jewel of the University. Please join us in ensuring this treasure will last in perpetuity while continuing to chart the course for a better University; a better Louisville.


Audwin A. Helton, President, CEO
Spatial Data Integrations, Inc.
Member, University of Louisville Campaign Steering Committee

Rae Helton, Vice President
Spatial Data Integrations, Inc.

Dr. J. Blaine Hudson, Dean
College of Arts & Sciences
University of Louisville  
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