Property Insurance

The university's buildings and contents are covered under the State Fire and Tornado Fund.  This fund provides coverage against property damage, caused by: fire, windstorm, hail, vandalism, water damage, theft, flood, earthquake, etc.

Covered Property:

  • All university owned buildings and contents.
  • Non-computer and computer equipment, that are scheduled in inventory control (furniture, equipment, laptops, PC's, etc.)
  • Inland Marine (mowers, golf carts, gators, etc.)
  • Non-owned property (care, custody & control) - these items are not automatically covered, they must be scheduled with Risk Management.  Please call Risk Management to discuss coverage and cost.


(Please note:  The University's Property Insurance Does Not Cover Personal Property of Faculty, Staff, Students, Volunteers, Guest, etc.).  Personal property housed in a University building or on University property is at your own risk.



Non-Computer items$5,000.00 per claim
Computers$5,000.00 per claim

If you or your department are going to move or transfer University property to a different location than is stated on your inventory control report, you MUST contact Inventory Control to make the change.  If you do not make the change, and sustain a property loss, your property may not be covered under the University insurance policy.