Liability Insurance


Educators Legal Liability Insurance

The term Educators Legal Liability coverage describes a policy that covers the wrongful acts of employees of educational institutions.  The "hybrid" policy embraces coverage typically found in school leaders' errors and omissions, directors and officers liability and school board legal liability.  This policy combines the coverage of the previously mentioned policies into one policy.  This comprehensive policy covers wrongful acts of employees acting within the scope of their duties.  Typical wrongful acts include the following:

Failure to educate, fiscal irresponsibility, breach of contract, denial of tenure, libel and slander, wrongful termination, discrimination (if not prohibited by law or public policy), invasion of privacy, broadcasting or telecasting activities.

Coverage is afforded the entity (the university), trustees, directors, officers, administrators, student teachers, employees, and volunteers of the included entity.  For more information regarding Educators Legal Liability, please contact Risk Management.

Commercial General Liability

Commercial General Liability provides in a single contract, insurance to cover liability for bodily injuries or property damage sustained by others.  It covers accidents occurring on University premises or away from University premises, as a result of business operations.

Some examples of Commercial General Liability include:

  • Products:  covers damages arising out of products manufactured, sold, handled, or distributed by the named insured.
  • Completed Operations:  covers damage that occurs after operations have been completed or abandoned.  Damage has to occur away from the premises owned by or rented to the named insured.
  • Personal & Advertising Injury:  pays sums the insured is legally obligated to pay as damages due to an offense causing unintentional discrimination or humiliation that results in injury to the feelings or reputation of a person arising from the insured's conduct or advertising of products, goods or services.
  • Fire Damage:  pays for property damage to premises while rented to or occupied by the insured as a result of a fire caused by the negligence of the insured.
  • Medical Payments:  covers bodily injury (slip and fall) claims that happen on campus or are somehow University related (non-university employees).

Please contact Risk Management for more information on the above and other types of liability insurance.