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Auto Claims

This information should be placed in the glove compartment of all University-owned vehicles.

What to do when an auto claim occurs:

  • Obtain a police report from the Department of Public Safety or if not on a UofL campus, the appropriate police agency.
  • Contact Risk Management by Incident Mini-Form or by e-mail at sdruss02@louisville.edu or call 852-6925.
  • Stay Calm.  Do not argue with other individuals involved in the accident
  • If not on a UofL campus and someone is injured, call an ambulance.  If on a UofL campus and someone is injured relay that information to the Department of Public Safety.
  • Assist those injured but do not administer first aid unless you are qualified.
        • Do not discuss what happened with anyone except the policy.
        • Do not admint responsibility for the accident, or sign a statement.
        • Do not disclose insurance policy limits or coverage to anyone.

Auto Deductible

  • $500 (per claim/accident)
    • The deductible is the responsibility of the department filing the auto claim. 
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