About the Research Projects Summer 2018

The research projects selected for our REU reflect the interdisciplinary nature of micro/nanotechnology in the world today and leverages a multi-departmental pool of faculty experts at UofL. The common theme among all of these projects is experimental learning using state-of-the-art micro/nanotechnology tools and processes.  What was once a technology limited to strictly manufacturing semiconductor devices is now being used to fabricate a variety of novel sensors and systems addressing many of NSF's grand challenges in energy, the environment, healthcare, security and the ever-evolving internet of things. Below is a list of the exciting projects that our REU students have to choose from.

Project 1: Growth of Nanostructures by Glancing Angle Deposition or GLAD (Prof. Kevin Walsh, ECE)

Project 2: Novel Microstructures Fabricated Using Grayscale Lithography (Prof. Kevin Walsh, ECE)

Project 3: MEMS Origami for Energy Harvesting at Soft Surfaces (Prof. Cindy Harnett, ECE)

Project 4: Microrobots using MEMS and MicroAssembly (Prof. Dan Popa, ECE)

Project 5: Dielectrophoresis for Particle Subpopulation Analysis (Prof. Stuart Williams, ME)

Project 6: Nanoparticle Charge Collectors in Next-generation Solar Cells (Prof. Bruce Alphenaar, ECE)

Project 7: Silicon Micro-reactor for Analysis of Trace VOCs in Air (Prof. Xiao-An Fu, ChE)

Project 8: Gas Microfluidics using MEMS Micro-pumps (Prof. Shamus McNamara, ECE)

Project 9: Design and Characterization of MEMS Test Structures for In-Situ Determination of Thin Film Mechanical Properties (Prof. Kevin Walsh, ECE)

Project 10: Understanding the Fundamentals of Hydrogen Evolution in Earth Abundant Catalysts (Prof. Gautam Gupta, ChE)

Project 11: Embedded Sensing Capabilities in an FDM printed object (Prof. Kevin Walsh, ECE & Doug Jackson, ECE)

Project 12: Highly Efficient Light to Energy Devices using Hybrid Perovskites (Prof. Gautam Gupta, ChE)

Project 13: Perovskite Solar Cells (Prof. Thad Druffel, Conn Center)

Project 14: Metal-Based Biomaterial Products For 3D-Printed Orthopedics (Prof. Kunal Kate, ME)

Project 15: Design of Controlled Stress-Strain Behavior for Micro-Actuator/Sensor used in MEMS (Dr. Li Yang, Industrial Eng. & Dr. Xiaojin Wang, MNTC)

Project 16:  Micro-injection Molded PZT Micropillar Arrays (Prof. Sundar Atre, ME)

Project 17: Self-assembly of Polymers into NEMS Force Sensors (Prof. Robert Cohn, ECE)

Project 18: Leading the Way: Lighting for Tomorrow (Prof. Delaina Amos, ChE)

Project 19: Exploring Strategies to Effectively Fabricate Conductors within 3D Printed Plastic Components (Prof. Kevin Walsh, ECE & Doug Jackson, ECE)

Project 20: Janus Gold Nanoplates for Supramolecular Assembly (Prof. Martin O'Toole, BioEng)