ULARP Constitution

Article I



The name of the Association shall be the University of Louisville Association of Retired Personnel.


Article II



The primary purpose of the Association is to serve as a recognized and formal group of University of Louisville retirees. The Association will serve as an advocate on behalf of retirees representing them in defining and negotiating retiree benefits. In this role, it will also inform members of their rights and privileges as University of Louisville retirees. The Association will provide opportunities for members to become aware of academic, service, and athletic developments at the University and its relationship to the Louisville community. It will assist the University in informing members how they may continue to contribute to the University’s program in retirement. The Association organizes day trips for members for Visiting sites of historical, artistic, or natural interest in the Kentuckiana region.



Article Ill



All retired University of Louisville employees as classified by the University of Louisville Personnel Office shall be considered eligible for membership.


The Board of Directors, upon a majority affirmative Vote, may grant membership to other retired persons who have been active in University of Louisville affairs and whose continued efforts demonstrate a desire to further the purposes of the Association.  Membership shall be granted on payment of dues.  Surviving non-retiree spouses/partners of members are eligible for membership.  The Board of Directors shall propose an annual membership dues, ratified by the general membership.  The Board also has the option of establishing a life-time membership dues.



Article IV



Only members shall have voting rights in connection with matters to be voted upon by the membership of the Association.




Article V



Administration of the Association shall be by a Board of Directors. The Board shall consist of eleven members, serving staggered 3-year terms.  In order to reflect the diversity of the University community, the membership of the Board will represent various retiree backgrounds, particularly with respect to employee classification, campus employment and gender. In addition, the following will serve as ex-officio (non-voting) members of the Board: Immediate Past President of the Board and the Retiree Representative on the University Club Board of Directors


The Board of Directors may appoint members where deemed appropriate.


Members of the Board of Directors shall be elected by a plurality of the votes cast by those members who are present at the Annual Meeting, which shall be held in June of each year. Directors shall serve a three-year term and may succeed themselves.


A Director who absents herself or himself from three consecutive regularly scheduled meetings of the Board of Directors shall be deemed to have resigned as a Director. An appropriate notification shall be sent to the resigning Director by the President.



Article VI



An Annual Meeting shall be held at a time and place as fixed by the Board of Directors.


Notice of the time and place of Association meetings shall be given to members at least fifteen days in advance of the meetings.


In addition to the Annual Meeting, other meetings may be called by the Board of Directors provided notice is given at least fifteen days in advance.




Article VII



The Officers of the Association shall consist of:



Vice President/President Elect




The officers shall be elected by the Board of Directors from among its members and shall serve for one year, or until their successor(s) are elected.  Election of officers shall take place at the Board of Directors meeting following the election of Directors.  Officers may succeed themselves.



Article VIII



The following standing committees are charged with carrying out the mission and aims of ULARP; with the exception of the Executive and Finance/Budget Committees, membership is open to all ULARP members.


Executive Committee: chaired by President and composed of 4 elected officers and Immediate Past President; considers long-range proposals for ULARP and nominates new members to serve on the Board

Finance/Budget Committee: chaired by Treasurer; proposes annual budget and oversees expenditures

Membership/Communications Committee: promotes ULARP membership and oversees membership records, website, newsletters and other print and digital materials

Program/Events Committee: develops plans for annual meetings, special programs and events

Benefits/Opportunities Committee: compiles and maintains descriptions of non-health retiree benefits and develops plans for volunteer opportunities within the University and local community



Article IX



The number of members present at any Regular or Special meeting of the membership shall constitute a quorum, provided at least ten members are present. At least three Directors present at a meeting of Directors shall constitute a quorum of Directors.


Official action at membership meetings or directors meetings may be considered official on a majority vote of those constituting a quorum.


Article X



This Constitution may be amended pursuant to resolution of recommendation by the Board of Directors and adopted by members at any regular or special meeting of the members.


Article XL



The Board of Directors shall have the right to make, supplement amend, or repeal By-Laws of the Association at any regular or special meeting of the Directors.


The By-Laws may contain any matters not in conflict with the Constitution of the Association.


Article XII



All acts of the Association or Board of Directors, prior to the date of the adoption of this Constitution are ratified and confirmed.


Article XIII



The Board of Directors shall, at its discretion, have the right to incorporate the Association under the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and shall have the right to amend the Articles of Incorporation from time to time.