Bioinformatics and Biostatistics

KBRIN Bioinformatics Core

  • Visit the organization websiteBuild Infrastructure, e.g. I2B2, Ca-Tissue; Contact: Ted Kalbfleisch, PhD
  • Next-Generation Sequencing Data Analysis; Contact: Eric Rouchka, D.Sc.
  • Microarray Data Analysis; Contact: Nigel Cooper, PhD
  • Workshops and Training
  • Contacts:
  • Eric Rouchka Email, D.Sc. and Nigel Cooper, PhD Email
  • Location:
  • Bioinformatics Suite, Instructional Building (B 224-226), HSC Campus, Louisville, KY

Department of Bioinformatics and Biostatistics Statistical Consulting Center

  • Visit the organization websiteProvides expertise in statistical methods and information science in support of research.
  • Serves health researchers who are part of the University of Louisville (UofL), Health Sciences Center, as well as other health care organizations, research centers, businesses and non-profit entities.
  • The centers consultants participate in long- and short-term collaborative research projects and provide technical and specialized computational services as needed.
  • Accepts data analysis and statistical programming jobs on a fee for service basis.
  • Location:
  • Suite 139, School of Public Health and Information Sciences, 485 East Gray, Louisville, KY

Biostatistics Shared Facility

  • Visit the organization website Power and Sample Size in Pre-clinical, Cancer and Other Clinical Studies.
  • Power and Sample size for Grants Applications.
  • Design Retrospective Studies in Cancer and Other Studies.
  • Data Analysis, Reports, and Statistical Consideration Section for Manuscripts.
  • Database and Electronic Case Reports.
  • Monitoring for Safety and Efficacy in Human Studies.
  • Personnel:
  • Archana Rai, Patrick Trainor, Jianmin Pan, Ph.D., Xioayong Wu, Ph.D., Alex Cambon, MS
  • Location:
  • CTR Building, Room 211, 505 S. Hancock Street, Louisville, KY