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Center Research Infrastructure Funds (C-RIF) Program


To provide funds to invest in the infrastructure that promotes interdisciplinary collaborations, supports Center/Institute research and educational activities and increases extramural funding.


C-RIFs are not an entitlement and must be negotiated before the Center/Institute is established.  The C-RIF percentage is an agreed upon percentage of facilities and administrative costs (F&A) expended on Center/Institute faculty extramural grants and contracts that are appropriate to the mission of the Center/Institute, receive full F&A, and are reportable to NSF in the Science and Engineering category of the NSF annual expenditure report.  C-RIF are calculated on expenditures during the past fiscal year and allocations are transferred to the C-RIF speed type.  C-RIFs will depend on fund availability and priority needs.  They will also depend on periodic review of the success of the Center/Institute as indicated by preparation of program project grant applications and successful submission (funding) of such proposals.  There is to be a formal letter of agreement between a faculty member and the Center/Institute Director acknowledging the collaborative interdisciplinary association.  Commitment letters for Center/Institute faculty are to be kept on file and submitted to the Office of the Executive Vice President for Research.  If a faculty member belongs to two Centers, each will receive one-half of the calculated C-RIF dollar amounts of the F&A associated with expenditures on qualified awards in the past fiscal year.   

Funds may be used for any expenditure related to the pursuit of research and scholarship except for faculty and staff salaries derived from "hard money".  Appropriate expenditures include non-recurring commitments to the following:  items not allowed as direct costs on grants and contracts, as well as "soft money" salaries for research personnel, research administrative support, supplies, travel, seminar programs, pilot grants, costs for equipment and maintenance.  Expenditure of funds must comply with all applicable laws, regulations, statutes and University policies.


A continuing speed type is set up in the name of the Center/Institute so that Center/Institute personnel can initiate expenditures.  Funds will be made available each year, in October, after the Center/Institute has been established for a fiscal year.  To continue in the C-RIF program, the Center/Institute administrative officer must submit a report to the Executive Vice President for Research, with a copy, when appropriate, to the Executive Vice President for Health Affairs, at the end of each fiscal year detailing how the funds were spent during the fiscal year.  The report must indicate projected use of C-RIF funds for the next fiscal year.  Continuation in the program requires approval by the Executive Vice President for Research that the funds were spent appropriately in the current fiscal year and the plans for the next fiscal year are appropriate.   Additional approval of the Executive Vice President for Health Affairs is required for HSC Centers/Institutes.  Centers/Institutes that receive an allocation of $1,000 or less in a fiscal year are not required to submit a report.

Questions about the appropriate use of these funds or the establishment of the accounts for these funds should be addressed to Dr. Pamela Feldhoff in the Office of the Executive Vice President for Research.



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