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The Office of Technology Transfer facilitates the University's discovery, innovation and the transfer of information to the public sector.

Welcome to the University of Louisville Office of Technology Transfer

To increase the support offered to University members and industry partners, UofL is promoting innovation and commercialization, and the experienced Technology Transfer team is here to work with you. If you are a UofL faculty or staff member or student, we can help you commercialize your innovations, as well as help you establish collaborative agreements for the materials and partnerships necessary for your research. If you are from industry or are an entrepreneur or an investor, we will look forward to introducing you to the promising researchers and innovations at UofL. Please give us a call or stop by our office.

Allen Morris, Director, Technology Transfer

Featured Technologies

Reducing Sensory Dominance with a Novel Push-Pull Perceptual Training Protocol (12009)

  • Treatment of amblyopia in adults, potentially children
  • Improvement or correction of sensory eye dominance and fine depth perception in adults
  • Improvement of depth perception in professional athletes, potentially enhancing performance

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Virtual Fly Over: A New Visualization Technique for Virtual Colonoscopy (07002)

  • Higher surface visibility allowing for detection of more hidden polyps
  • Affords the technician the ability to change cameral elevation and angle to avoid perspective distortion
  • The fly-over method is performed in only one direction (antegrade or retrograde) and computationally efficient

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Ergonomic Syringe and Adaptor (11028)

  • Improves and facilitates the withdrawal of fluids
  • Allows for one-handed operational functionality
  • Easier, safer, less stressful experience for patient and operator

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