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Ruby O. Backert
Unit Business Manager Jouett Hall, Room 205-B, Belknap Campus 502-852-3026

Erin Kiper
Administrative Assistant Jouett Hall, Room 205, Belknap Campus 502-852-1346

Jason Meadows
Information Management Specialist- Research Reporting Coordinator Jouett Hall, Belknap Campus 502-852-1399

Craig P. Schroeder Craig P. Schroeder
Unit Business Manager, Intermediate Jouett Hall, Room 205-A, Belknap Campus 502-852-2981

Karen S. Schultz Karen S. Schultz
Research Administration Systems Analyst Jouett Hall, Belknap Campus 502-852-3611

L. Kathy Ward L. Kathy Ward
Administrative Assistant to the EVPR Jouett Hall, Room 202-A, Belknap Campus 502-852-8373

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