EVPRI Realigns Research Administration Units to Provide Enhanced Support to UofL Research Community

  • Realignment will combine three existing “Pre-Award” units - the Clinical Contracts Division (CCD), the Office of Industry Engagement (OIE), and Sponsored Programs Grants Administration (SPGA) - into a central hub for the administration of all externally sponsored activities. The newly combined “Pre-Award” team will partner with Sponsored Programs Financial Administration (SPFA) to create a single Office of Sponsored Programs Administration (OSPA) under the Office of the EVPRI.
  • As part of the realignment, effective October 15, 2019 all externally sponsored proposal/project submissions will be integrated into the University’s electronic research administration platform, iRIS. For more information on the new OSPA submission process, please see the FAQ below.
  • OSPA is dedicated to enhancing education, training, and communication with the UofL research community. For information on new initiatives in this area, please see the FAQ below.