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Frequently Asked Questions

Conflicts of Interest

Why did I receive an email to complete a Disclosure of Significant Financial Interest?

  • According to University of Louisville Policy, all covered individuals involved in research must complete a Disclosure of Significant Financial Interest at least on an annual basis or within 30 days of a change in the financial interest.  You received a notification because a current form was not on file with Research Integrity.


I have a potential conflict, but it unrelated to my research.  How do I address this?

  • We encourage individuals who may be unsure about how to disclosure a particular issue or interest to contact the Research Integrity Program and speak with Dr. Ratterman.


How do I know if I am involved in research?

  • The policy provides a definition of involved in research.  Also, if you are to be included on an IRB, IACUC and /or IBC protocol, you are involved in research.


I completed the online form, but BRAAN is still saying that my COI is expired.  What now?

  • The data collected on the online submission system is still manually transferred to the records database that BRAAN checks upon submission.  If you need your data updated to facilitate submission, please call 852-2454 and let us know.


Training Questions

Are there any instructions to access and log in to the CITI training for the first time?


I took the CITI Basic course before, but the system has no record of that.  Do I need to complete the Basic Course again?

  • Not necessarily.  If you need verification that you have completed the Basic Course in the past, please contact Research Integrity and we will check the master training record.  The CITI has undergone software upgrades and the most recent upgrade did not bring along all of the historical data.  Also, if you completed the Basic course while at another institution, we may not have that in our records.  You can fax a copy of the completion report to 852-2403 and we will review it.  Please note, it must be the completion report from the CITI site that lists the modules completed.


I have received an e-mail saying that I have taken the incorrect CITI training, why?

  •  You may have checked the box that indicates that you have taken the Basic Course, when you have not completed it.  In this case please update your Learner Profile, and you should be directed to take the Basic Course when entering the next module.  You may have taken the Basic Course while at another institution, in this case please forward our office a copy of that documentation.


How long is my CITI human subjects training certification?

  • Effective April 5, 2010: 24 Months.


How do I check the status of my Human Subjects and HIPAA certifications?

  • Run report UBM-PI-30 on University Reports.  If you do not currently have access to this report, please e-mail Research Integrity  and request access.


Research Training Certifications




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