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Proposal Clearance Requirement

  1. All grants or contracts requesting extramural funding* by Full or Part-Time faculty, staff and students of UofL that represent academic responsibilities** of any of the individuals listed as Applicants, and regardless of performance site, must be cleared by Research Administration. In all cases, unless specific exception is made, the contracting party will be the University of Louisville Research Foundation. The appropriate on- or off-campus F&A (a.k.a. indirect cost) cost rate will be applied to all proposals.
  2. Proposals for work determined by Research Administration to be unrelated to UofL academic duties generally will not be reviewed by authorized University committees without special arrangement. Work accomplished under such projects will not be included in any UofL official reports or evaluations and may not carry the UofL imprimatur or use of the name of the University or any of its related entities in any way.

* Extramural funding includes funds from all sources, private or public, other than UofL, including affiliated institutions and their associated foundations, with the exception of funds processed through the Office Development and Alumni.

** Academic responsibilities is defined as all activities, including teaching, service and scholarship, that comprise the investigators activities as a member of the faculty of the University or that are used in evaluations for retention, promotion or tenure.

VPR Policy: 941201

Effective: 12/01/94

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