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Policy Statement on Sponsored Programs

The academic community generally agrees that the functions of universities include teaching, research, and public service. Like all major universities in this country, the University of Louisville frequently enters into contractual or grant agreements with both public and private agencies to provide financial support for programs of mutual interest. Such sponsored programs ordinarily are advantageous to the University and consistent with it functions.

The University of Louisville judges each actual or proposed sponsored program on its individual merits and goals, without prejudice as to the title of the supporting agency.

A contract or grant is accepted only if its activities can be pursued in the University's environment of academic freedom, objectivity, and scholarly merit, without hindrance of the University's three basic functions.

Whether it be classified or not, no contract or grant can be accepted if its purpose and scope cannot be disclosed to the degree necessary to determine its appropriateness to the University and its potential contribution to the public welfare.

The University does not permit the conduct of programs that have as their sole or primary purpose the destruction of human life or the malicious incapacitation of human beings.

Endorsed by the University Senate 01/08/69
Approved by the Board of Trustees 03/14/69

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