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Establishing Chartfields in Advance of Award Start Date


Policy / Procedure



There has been a significant increase in the number of awards to the University of Louisville. Consequently, an increasing number of retroactive salary expense transfers have been required because speedtypes are not set up within the University of Louisville financial accounting system (PeopleSoft) prior to the actual start date of the award. To avoid the burden of the expense transfers on University resources, transfers must be kept to a minimum. Therefore, the following policy is being implemented effective June 1, 2004.


All Project Directors (PDs), Unit Business Managers (UBMs), or *Office of Sponsored Programs Grants Administration (OSPGA), (formerly Office of Grants Management)/Office of Industry Contracts (OIC) representatives will make their best effort to see that awards are set up in advance of the award start date when there is knowledge that an award will be made by a sponsor.



Institutional Officials

OSPGA/OIC representative is responsible for establishment of new Chartfield/speedtype.

Administrative Offices

Departmental administrative office responsible for submission of related flat-files



Salary and expense transfers will only be permitted if an exception is requested by the Dean and authorized by the *Executive Vice President for Research and Innovation.

II. Procedure For Policy

1. As soon as a Project Director (PD), Unit Business Manager (UBM) or an OSPGA/OIC representative has been notified that an award will be made they must initiate the request to establish the award in the PeopleSoft Financial System. The request should be accompanied by documentation authorizing an award and the date it is to become effective.

2. OSPGA/OIC will initiate the paperwork to establish the speedtype within the PeopleSoft Financial System and then notify the PD and UBM of the new speedtype.

3. UBM will initiate the flat files to reallocate the appropriate salary changes within the Payroll Management System.

4. UBM and/or PD can prepare requisitions for the purchase of items necessary for carrying out the work and charge to the correct speedtype.

*NOTE:  Offices/Titles were changed from Grants Management to Sponsored Programs Grants Administration and Executive Vice President for Research to Executive Vice President for Research and Innovation on August 15, 2012.


Subject: Establishing Chartfields
in Advance of Award

Policy &

Author: Office of the Executive
Vice President for Research and Innovation

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