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Structural Biology


NMR - Nuclear magnetic resonance

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    Molecular Imaging Research Center (MIRC)

    This facility currently houses two Varian Inova NMR spectrometers, which are available for collaborative studies.

    • 4-channel Varian Inova 14.1 T system (600 MHz for protons)
    • The second system operating at 18.8 T (800 MHz for protons)
    Director: Andrew Lane, PhD, 502-852-3067, Email
    Contacts: Sengodagounder 'Sam' Arumugam, PhD Facility Manager,
    502 562-6832 or 502 562-6073
    Location: James Graham Brown Cancer Center, 529 South Jackson St, Louisville, KY

    Visit the organization website

    Nuclear Magnetic Resonance(ULNMR) Facility

      Three Varian NMR spectrometers, available for collaborative studies.
    • 2-channel Varian 400MR (400 MHz for protons) equipped with 96-place robotic sample changer
    • 3-channel Varian Inova 500 MHz NMR equipped with long duration VT accessory
    • 4-channel Varian VNMRS-700 MHz NMR equipped with 1H, 13C enhanced HCN cryoprobe
    Manager: Neal Stolowich, PhD, 502-852-7894, email
    Location: Chemistry Building, 2320 S. Brook St., Louisville, KY

Molecular Modeling

X-Ray Crystallography

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    Department of Chemistry/Brown Cancer Center
    Crystallography Facility

    X-RAY crystallography providing molecular structure information.

    • Small Molecule X-RAY Facility: two CCD area-detector diffractometers
    • Macromolecular X-RAY Facility
    Director: Mark Mashuta, PhD, Manager Crystallography Facility, 502-852-6419 Email
    Contact: Mark Mashuta, PhD, Manager Crystallography Facility, 502-852-6419 Email
    Location: Chemistry Building, 2320 South Brook Street, Louisville, KY
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