Managing/Amending An Award

Financial and Accounting

As a sponsored project progresses, costs are charged to the account by department financial personnel. Payments received from the sponsor are directed to Sponsored Programs Administration-Financial Division (SPA-FD) for deposit into the appropriate account.


Designated project personnel – usually the Principal Investigator -- must work with the applicable institutional compliance offices/committees (e.g., IACUC, IBC, Export Control, COI Compliance) to keep regulatory and compliance matters up to date.

Contractual and Budgetary

Sometimes changes to the budget or to the agreement itself are needed. Amendments or modifications to the terms and conditions of existing agreements are processed much as the original agreements were. Your OIE Contract Specialist negotiates the agreement amendment with the sponsor, then obtains signatures from all parties’ authorized representatives. If modifications to related subagreements are needed as well, your OIE Contract Specialist also facilitates these amendments.

Changes to the budget or any other aspect of the study record within the university’s financial tracking system are handled by OIE’s Grants and Contracts Assistants (G&CAs).

Change an Agreement

Amendments or modifications to the terms and conditions of existing agreements are processed much as the original agreements were. To amend an existing sponsored agreement, please forward the sponsor’s amendment or modified notice of award to OIE, or request that OIE draft the amendment.

Change a Chartfield (Account)

To revise to an existing chartfield (account), submit your request to OIE either by email with a copy (cc) to the PI and appropriate departmental authority/representative, or on the IBED - Investigator, Budget, and End Date Revision Form (Excel). If the revisions fall within the existing agreement terms and conditions, no formal executed amendment is needed.

A signed IBED Form provides acknowledgment of the PI’s and department head’s approval. Email requests on which PI and department head are copied may be submitted in lieu of the IBED Form. Such approval is necessary in order to revise a chartfield or to commit resources to a project beyond those committed previously via PCF. OIE staff will determine if an amendment is necessary in such a case.

To revise an existing chartfield, please forward the following document to OIE.

I Want To Submit: Amendment to an Existing Project



Have questions about your chartfield modification? Contact your G&CA.

OIE staff are happy to answer any questions you may have concerning any process, form, document or policy. You may contact us by email or by phone at 502-852-7253.