When Do I Contact OIE?

Contact OIE when you are interested in developing a relationship between the University of Louisville and a for-profit company. OIE helps to establish nondisclosure agreements to facilitate your discussions regarding possible collaboration and commercialization opportunities. We provide direct institutional support to those submitting proposals or establishing contractual arrangements for corporate-funded non-clinical projects, including the opportunity for the University to participate as a subrecipient or a subcontractor to industry partners under federally funded programs. OIE also assists to make connections between the University and outside parties seeking R&D expertise or access to specialized University Service Centers.

As a division of the Office of the Executive Vice-President for Research and Innovation, OIE will provide seamless, integrated service between the University and industry by working closely with other offices, including Office of Technology Transfer (OTT), Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA), Compliance Office, Office of Export and Secure Research Compliance (OESRC), Information Security Office, Risk Management and Research Infrastructure. Engage us!