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While the core of our technology transfer mission is to benefit society at large, the University of Louisville places a strong emphasis on the role we can play in our community. With the many assets at the University, we understand that we can help shape the destiny of Louisville, the surrounding communities, the Commonwealth and the region in which we reside.

Our primary mission is achieving maximum “value” when we transfer the results of University Research into commercial products and applications.  While this does have a financial component, the OTT places a high priority on the creation of local high tech companies (with resulting jobs), increasing research funding, benefiting society and facilitating long range objectives.   We continue to look for partnerships with large businesses who operate globally, but increasingly see opportunities to work with experts in the Louisville community (often at MetaCyte, the iTRC or the ICC) to build Kentucky-based companies.

Please check out the links for more information on Technology Transfer, and call the OTT staff (502) 852-2965 if you believe we may be able to support your efforts in the community.  We are committed to make every reasonable attempt to help you leverage our strengths toward the goal of educating the region about the benefits of Technology Transfer and building strong new companies.


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