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Start-Up Info

Start-Up Companies

The OTT is committed to promoting an environment supportive of entrepreneurial activity whenever it makes sound business sense and best serves the public-benefit that will be received by commercialization of the technology.


The University has four main requirements for Faculty Start-up Companies:

(1) The technology upon which the start-up is based is a viable platform technology.
(2) The faculty member has disclosed to the OTD to begin the process of obtaining an appropriate license.
(3) The Start-up has a viable business plan (which it will be required to provide before the license is signed by the ULRF).
(4) The Start-up has in place (or is aggressively seeking) a competent, experienced businessperson to be CEO/President/Manager.


Additional Information on how a start-up company can interact appropriately with the University can be found in the Memo from Mr. Zanewicz and Ms. East which was distributed to faculty with start-ups, Deans and Department Heads in October, 2002.

You can read the memo HERE.

For further information or questions, contact the Office of Technology Transfer directly at (502) 852-2965.
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