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Budget Preparation Tip Sheet

This sheet has been designed to aid researchers in preparing a complete, accurate budget. It should only be used as a guideline for budget preparation and should not be used in lieu of sponsor forms or guidelines. If you need further assistance with budget preparation, visit the Office of Sponsored Programs Grants Administration web site, or call the Belknap Office at 852-8367 or the HSC Office at 852-3788.

Personnel/Labor Costs

  • Principal & co-principal investigators,research associates/assistants, technicians, project director, undergraduate/graduate/postdoctoral students, administrative assistants, secretary time, x-pay/lump sum payments, cost-of-living increases, etc.

Suggested Fringe Benefits for Major Personnel (rates include health/life insurance, accidental death, long-term disability, vacation time, sick leave, etc.)

Recommended Fringe Benefit Rates

Consultant Costs

  • Non-UofL employees not included in personnel or subcontract categories
  • Per diem/hourly amounts
  • Subsistence and travel (airfare, ground transportation, lodging, etc.)

Equipment (encompasses stand alone items $5,000 or greater, to be used 1 year or longer)

  • Vendor quotes/benchmark pricing
  • Installation/shipping costs (if included in total cost of equipment)
  • Warranties (if included in total cost of equipment)


  • #Trips, #Persons, #Days
  • Airfare/ground transportation (bus, cab, subway, rental car, etc.)
  • Lodging
  • Meals
  • Conference fees/registrations
  • Incidentals (business related phone calls, faxes, etc.)

Participant Support Costs

  • Stipends (non-university students or employees)
  • Subsistence and travel (airfare, ground transportation, lodging, etc.)

Patient Care Costs

Other Direct Costs

  • Publication/page charges
  • Long-distance phone/fax/televised conference charges
  • Materials/supplies
  • Rental/equipment use fees
  • Small equipment & components under $5,000/maintenance costs
  • Sub-contract/sub-recipients (F&A on first $25,000 of each subcontract)


Other direct costs (NOT subject to F&A)

  • F&A on first $25,000 of each subcontract
  • Limitations of F&A (sponsor mandated in guidelines)
  • On-campus vs. off-campus rates
  • Organized research; training/education/industry-sponsored clinical trials/ other rates


Cost Sharing

  • Cash
  • In-kind (faculty time, unrecovered F&A, facilities, etc.)


Extended University Zip Code if required

  • 40292-0001




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