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Researcher Notification System

During emergency situations involving utility outages, research buildings may be unable to provide temporary utility services to maintain normal operation of equipment in laboratories. There may be other instances where refrigerators, freezers and other lab equipment may cease to function and researchers could lose research materials that may adversely impact current or future research efforts.

In order to provide real time information to participating researchers, and provide them the opportunity to make attempts to protect their research products, an emergency notification system has been developed. This system builds on the university-wide emergency notification system using emails and text messages to notify research staff.

Researchers (or research staff) that would like to sign up for notification of power outages or other emergencies affecting laboratories can go to to enroll in the system.

While this system is free, any participants will be notified of all laboratories emergencies regardless of campus or building. This shouldn’t prove to be a burden since we have only had this type of situation once over the last two years.

While we hope this will never be necessary, this tool can help you protect your research assets in the event of an emergency. If you have any questions, please contact, or by calling 852-2948, UofL Department of Environmental Health and Safety.


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