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NIH Revised Public Access Policy Announcement

In response to Public Law 110-161, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has issued a “Revised Policy on Enhancing Public Access to Archived Publications Resulting from NIH-Funded Research” This revised policy calls for mandatory deposit of all final peer-reviewed  manuscripts resulting from NIH-funded projects upon acceptance for publication.  NIH would then make those manuscripts publicly available no later than 12 months after publication. The previous policy encouraged voluntary submission of accepted publications. Implementation of the policy will provide the public with easy access to published results of NIH-supported research.

Per the policy, investigators must insure that all peer-reviewed manuscripts arising from NIH funding and accepted for publication on or after April 7, 2008, are deposited in PubMed Central (PMC) and made publicly available within 12 months of publication.

This deposit requirement applies to any final peer-reviewed manuscript
   • Accepted for publication on or after April 7, 2008
   • That arises, in whole or in part, from
         o NIH grant or cooperative agreement active on or after October 1, 2007
         o NIH contract signed on or after April 7, 2008
         o Subaward (e.g., flowthrough from NIH) to or from another entity that meets
            the above criteria

The investigator must insure that all publishing or copyright licensing/transfer agreements with the publisher allow the manuscript to be submitted to NIH to be publicly accessible on PMC. This “NIH Public Access License” may be accomplished by including language in the agreement in which these rights are retained for NIH. See UofL NIH Public Access Policy Webpage for additional information and resources.

Some journals submit articles directly to PMC and make them available within 12 months of publication. NIH posts a list of these journals at If you publish in these journals, the journal will take the steps needed to comply with the public access policy.

Investigators submitting their manuscripts use the NIH Manuscript Submission (NIHMS) system For additional information and resources about this process, see UofL NIH Public Access Policy Webpage.

In addition to the requirement for depositing accepted manuscripts, the revised policy calls for citing PubMed Central ID Numbers when submitting NIH progress reports and proposal submissions. Beginning on May 25, 2008, all proposals and progress reports submitted to NIH must include the PMC or NIH Manuscript Submission reference number in the citation of NIH-funded manuscripts. This applies if the manuscripts are accepted for publication after April 7, 2008.


April 16, 2008


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