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Journal publications and related manuscripts authored by members of our research group

Many of the videos that are related to these journal articles can be found on our YouTube page: ULmicrofluidics

2016 LoC
A Mishra, TR Maltais, TM Walter, A Wei, SJ Williams, and ST Wereley, "Trapping and viability of swimming bacteria in an optoelectric trap," Lab on a Chip, 16, 1039-1046 (2016)
2016 Microsys Nano
A Mishra, K Clayton, V Velasco, SJ Williams, and ST Wereley, "Dynamic optoelectric trapping and deposition of multiwalled carbon nanotubes," Microsystems & Nanoengineering, 2, 16005 (2016)
2015 Orbital shear
V Velasco, M Gruenthal, E Zusstone, JMD Thomas, RS Keynton, RE Berson, and SJ Williams, "An orbital shear platform for in vitro real-time endothelium characterization," Biotechnology and Bioengineering, (accepted).
2015 EP Electrode Thickness
A Mishra, J Khor, KN Clayton, SJ Williams, X Pan, T Kinzer-Ursem, and ST Wereley, "Optoelectric patterning: Effect of electrode material and thickness on laser-induced AC electrothermal flow," Electrophoresis, 37 (2016), 658-665. 
2015 ET pump
SJ Williams and NG Green, "Electrothermal pumping with interdigitated electrodes and resistive heaters," Electrophoresis, 36 (2015),  1681-1689.
2015 EP Cover Work
AH Work, Jr., and SJ Williams, "Characterization of 2D colloid aggregations created by optically-induced electrohydrodynamics," Electrophoresis, 36 (2015),  1674-1680.
2015 REP GA
AH Work, Jr., and SJ Williams, "Characterization of 2D colloids assembled by optically-induced electrohydrodynamics," Soft Matter, 11 (2015), 4266-4272.
2015-PCB TOC
SJ Williams, N Romero, L Parkes, DJ Jackson, and JF Naber, "Inexpensive three-dimensional dielectrophoretic microfluidic devices using milled copperclad substrates," Journal of Electrostatics, 75 (2015), 49-53.
2014 LoC REP Oswald
K-C Wang, A Kumar, SJ Williams, NG Green, KC Kim, and H-S Chuang, "An optoelectrokinetic techique for programmable particle manipulation and bead-based biosignal enhancement," Lab on a Chip, 14 (2014), 3958-3967.
Electrophoresis - DEP needle
NR Wood, AI Wolsiefer, RW Cohn, and SJ Williams, "Dielectrophoretic trapping of nanoparticles with an electrokinetic nanoprobe," Electrophoresis, 34 (2013), 1922-1931.
EP 2013 ET pump
SJ Williams, "Enhanced electrothermal pumping with thin film resistive heaters,"Electrophoresis, 34 (2013), 1400-1408.
Graphical Abstract of JCIS 2013
V Velasco and SJ Williams, "Electrokinetic concentration, patterning, and sorting of colloids with thin film heaters," Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 394 (2013), 598-603.
EP 2012 scanning
V Velasco, AH Work, Jr., and SJ Williams, "Electrokinetic concentration and patterning of colloids with a scanning laser," Electrophoresis, 33 (2012), 1931-1937.
LOC 2011 - Cover
LOC 2011

A Kumar, SJ Williams, H-S Chuang, NG Green, and ST Wereley, “Hybrid opto-electric manipulation in microfluidics – opportunities and challenges,” Lab on a Chip, 11 (2011), 2135-2148.
A Kumar, C Cierpka, SJ Williams, CJ Kahler, and ST Wereley, “3D3C velocimetry measurements of an electrothermal microvortex using wavefront deformation PTV and a single camera,” Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, 10 (2010), 355-365.
Langmuir 2009
A Kumar, JS Kwon, SJ Williams, NG Green, N Yip, and ST Wereley, “Optically modulated electrokinetic manipulation and concentration of colloidal particles near an electrode surface,” Langmuir, 26 (2010), 5262-5272.
MNF review
SJ Williams, C Park, and ST Wereley, “Advances and applications on microfluidic velocimetry techniques,” Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, 8 (2010), 709-726.
JF Joule Heating
SJ Williams, P Chamarthy, and ST Wereley, “Comparison of experiments and simulation of Joule heating in AC electrokinetic chips,” Journal of Fluids Engineering, 132 (2010), 021103.
JMM 2010 Sorting
SJ Williams, A Kumar, NG Green, and ST Wereley, “Optically induced electrokinetic concentration and separation of colloids,” Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 20 (2010), 015022.
Article chosen to appear in IOP Select,
Nanoscale 2009
SJ Williams, A Kumar, NG Green, and ST Wereley, “A simple, optically induced electrokinetic method to concentrate and pattern nanoparticles,” Nanoscale, 1 (2009), 133-137.
MNF 2008 vortex
A Kumar, SJ Williams, and ST Wereley, “Experiments on opto-electrically generated vortices,” Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, 6 (2009), 637-646.
LOC 2008
SJ Williams, A Kumar, and ST Wereley, “Electrokinetic patterning of colloidal particles with optical landscapes,” Lab on a Chip, 8 (2008), 1879-1882.
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