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Laboratory Director

WilliamsPhoto Stuart J. Williams, Ph.D.

stuart.williams at


CV (December 2015)


Graduate Students

Vanessa Velasco (Ph.D. student)

v0vela01 at

Research Topics:
  • Real time characterization of endothelium with impedance analysis
  • Carbon-nanotube biological sensors
 Ben King Ben King (Ph.D. student)

 bcking21 at

Research Topics: 

  • Controlled deposition and alignment of carbon nanotubes
 Rony Md. Mahmudur "Rony" Rahman (Ph.D. student)

 m.rahman at

Research Topics: 

  • Colloidal interactions under microgravity

Undergraduate Students

 Daniel Allen Daniel Allen


Research Topics:
  • Dielectrophoresis in air for autonomous dust manipulation and analysis
 David Bergman  David Bergman


Research Topics:
  • Self-assembly of colloids for enhanced solar cells


Thesis Students
Lazaro Galban (M.S.) Experimental hydraulic switch for dishwashers with a bottle blaster system (August 2014)
Mark J. Gruenthal (M.Eng.) Impedance analysis of endothelial cells undergoing orbital shear (May 2013)
Joseph "Nick" Duff (M.Eng.) Fabrication and analysis of an electrokinetic air filter (August 2013)
Nicholas R. Wood (M.Eng.) Dielectrophoretic nanoneedles for trapping and characterization of sub-cellular entities (May 2012)
Andrew H. Work, Jr. (M.Eng.) Electrokinetic concentration and patterning of colloids with a scanning laser (August 2012)
Non-Thesis Students
John Tangney Electrokinetic particle sorting and repulsion (Fall 2015)
Matthew Larkin An investigation of the dielectrophoretic force of uniform spherical particles in a standing wave field (Fall 2015)
Matthew J. Baker Experimental measurement of orbital fluid mechanics (Fall 2015)
Andrew Sudkamp Electrorotation (ROT) of porous microparticles (Spring 2015)
Victoria Hutchinson Particle filtration utilizing alternating current dielectrophoresis (Fall 2014)
Alexander Hack Simulating microgravity on earthy for colloidal samples (Fall 2014)
Devin O'Brien Mixing of colloidal particles in a capillary using PZT piezoelectric ultrasonic vibrations (Fall 2014)
Daniel Allgeier Particle manipulation using glass micropipettes utilizing dielectrophoresis (Spring 2014)
Seth Hannan Electrohydrodynamic analysis of nanoneedles and nanoparticle trapping (May 2013)
Joshua Weil Electrohydrodynamics of a micropipette (May 2013)
Nathan Romero Efficacy of CNC milled, PCB based, electrokinetic microfluidic devices (December 2012)
Jeremy Jones Feasibility and testing of an AC electrokinetic filter (December 2012)
Liam Parkes Electrokinetic manipulation of particles using a PCB (May 2013)
James Lee Tucker Shaping of colloid aggregations using an infrared scanning laser (May 2012)
Bennie R. LaPrade Analysis of the opto-mechanical response of a carbon-nanotube composite diaphragm (May 2012)
Amanda Wolsiefer Particle manipulation using rapid electrokinetic patterning and electrowetting (May 2013)
Corey Abrams Electrokinetic colloid self-assembly (May 2012)
Dustin Webb Two color particle shadow velocimetry (May 2012)
Tyler Cookson Development of an optical trapping system using commercially-available components (May 2011)
Mandy Scott Development of an optical trapping system using commercially-available components (May 2011)
Tim Viola Hydrodynamic motion study of a micro-particle using programmed dielectrophoretic agitation (May 2011)
Undergraduate Students
Esther Zusstone Label-free electrokinetic immunoassay analysis of magnetic particles (May 2014)
Orbital shear impedance characterization of HUVECs (December 2014)
Andrew Survant Electrokinetic hydrodynamics  (2013)
Samuel Wills Numerical simulations (COMSOL) of electrohydrodynamics of nanoneedles (Fall 2013)
Shawn Day Development of an optoelectrowetting platform at the University of Louisville (May 2011)
High School Students
Chandni Bhikha Electrokinetic analysis of label-free magnetic particles (Manual High School, 2013-2014)
Kainat Ahmed Enhancing micro-channel structure of contactless dielectrophoresis device for more efficient separation of particles (Manual High School, 2012-2013)
Additional Research Students
Jacob Sunding Electrothermal puming with thin film resistive heaters (May 2011)


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