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Office of Research Services

Animal Care and Use Program

With the retention and recruitment of highly productive faculty over the past few years, the Animal Care and Use Program has witnessed an unprecedented expansion of its animal population, primarily mice. Animal models are used in a wide variety of research categories, including Behavioral Sciences, Cardiology, Environmental Health Sciences, Immunology Studies, Neonatal Medicine, Neurobiology and Neuroscience, Medical and Surgical Oncology, and Surgical Research. In addition to medical and comparative research, certain academic programs for students in the biological sciences and health professions are also enriched by laboratory studies that utilize animals. Faculty, staff, and students recognize the Program as an important element in a successful research and teaching effort. The Animal Care and Use Program can be generally defined as the personnel, facilities, policies, and procedures  associated with any use of animals in University-supported research, teaching, or educational activities.

Administrative Structure

The Vice President for Health Affairs is designated as the Institutional Official (IO) responsible for the Program.  The Assistant Vice President for Research Services also serves as the Director of the Research Resources Facilities (RRF) and is responsible for Program management.


Office of Research Services

Oversight of the Program has been delegated to the Office of Research Services (ORS). The ORS provides administrative support for two essential units of the Animal Care and Use Program: 1) the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, and 2) the Research Resources Facilities (RRF), which oversees the operations of all UofL animal facilities.


Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

This site is designed to give both the seasoned investigator and new faculty member current information on the charge and operation of the IACUC.  Included are contact names, including the Chair and the IACUC Coordinator. On-line access to IACUC Policies, Federal regulations, accrediting agencies, and other sources of information is highlighted. Also available are current versions of IACUC forms; electronic submission of proposals is anticipated. Future plans for the IACUC website include a bulletin board area for announcements and discussions for either the UofL public or IACUC members and on-line completion of IACUC-sponsored educational activities.

 Click to proceed to IACUC web page


Research Resource Facilities (RRF)

As a service center, one of the primary missions of the RRF is to disseminate information to UofL research personnel; once completed, the web site will serve as an important medium for this activity. Descriptions of the services provided by the RRF will readily be made available to interested parties, including procedures required for specific vivaria. Compilations of RRF policies, Standard Operating Procedures, and recommendations (e.g. tables of anesthetic/analgesic agent doses) will be accessible for review. Special announcements and periodic "newsletters" are also anticipated. Links will include other websites of comparative medicine interest, tutorials, and other educational materials.



Related Offices

Research involving animal subjects frequently requires the oversight of several other entities within the University of Louisville, including:


  • U of L Office of Research
  • HSC Office of Research
  • Department of Environmental Health & Safety
  • Institutional Biosafety Committee
  • Office of Research Integrity

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