State-wide PUI NIH R15 Awards

Active NIH R15 Research Awards

Cecile Marczinski*NKUAccute Effects of Alcohol and Energy Drinks on Behavioral Control2015-18
Janelle Hare*MSUMechanisms of Action of UmuD in Regulating DNA Damage-induced Genes in a UmuC DEF2013-16
Katy CarlsonMSUAccents and Syntactic Attachment: Exploring How Pitch Accents Affect the Resolution2013-16
Kurt GibbsMSUmiRNA expression after spinal cord compression injury in Xenopus laevis2014-17
Michael Smith/Kevin WilliamsWKUFinding Novel Platinum(II)Complex Anti-Cancer Drugs with Reduced Ototoxicity2015-18
Erin StromeNKUInvestigation of Candidate Modifier Loci for Cancer Susceptibility2015-18
Mark BardgettNKULong-Term Effects of Early-Life Antipsychotic Drug Treatment2016-19

Active NIH R01 Research Awards

Jeffrey PetruskaUofLMechanisms Controlling Distinct Modes of Adult Axon Growth2015-20

Awards 2002 - Present

  • 66  awards including all universities
  • 38 awards excluding the major research institutions


Kentucky PUI NIH R15 Awards BRIN–INBRE YEARS 2002 - Present

Faculty InstitutionYear
Wesley White *MSU2002-06
Patrick Schultheis *NKU2002-05
Ilsun WhiteMSU2003-07
Stephen Asmus *CEN2004-07
Sterling WrightMUR2004-08
Brian CusatoCEN2006-09
Rodney KingWKU2007-11
Nancy RiceWKU2007-11
Patrick Schultheis *NKU2007-10
Mark Bardgett *NKU2007-11
Wesley White *MSU2007-11
Sigrid JacobshagenWKU2007-11
Kevin WilliamsWKU2007-10
Hazel BartonNKU2008-11
Doug Dennis *MSU2008-11
Stephen Asmus *CEN2009-12
Stefan PaulaNKU2009-12
Eimear MullinNKU2009-12


* multiple R15 hits

** first ever R15 hits at EKU

Faculty InstitutionYear
Janelle Hare *MSU2009-12
Doug Dennis *MSU2009-11
Alexey ArkovMUR2009-12
Cecile Marczinski *NKU2010-13
Patrick Schultheis *NKU2010-13
Kristi Haik/H. BullenNKU2011-14
Mark Bardgett *NKU2011-14
Rebekah Waikel **EKU2011-14
Tanea Reed **EKU2011-14
Wesley White *MSU2011-14
Chris CurranNKU2012-15
Janelle Hare*MSU2013-16
Katy CarlsonMSU2013-16
Stefan Paula*NKU2013-15
Kurt GibbsMSU2014-17
Chris Curran*NKU2014-16
Erin Strome*NKU2015-18
Cecile Marczinski *NKU2015-18
Michael Smith/Kevin WilliamsWKU2015-18