• Cecile MarczinskiSEPT 17, 2015: Cecile Marczinski, PhD, receives new R15 to continue research on the effects of mixing alcohol and energy drinks. Dr. Marczinski is an associate professor at NKU whose research has been cited in recent Food and Drug Administration (FDA) investigations into the safety of alcohol and energy drinks. Learn More
  • Ben Busby, PhD, NIHSeptember 15, 2015: The UofL Bioinformatics Seminar Series and KBRIN presented a bioinformatics seminar with Ben Busby, PhD, from the NIH National Center for Biotechnology Information. The presentation described how NCBI has enhanced several of its genomics resources in the last several months and how some of its public databases can be queried for computational biology and clinical questions. Learn More
  • AUG 10-13, 2015: Western Kentucky University 2015 KBRIN Small Genome Discovery Workshop hosted bio faculty from five Kentucky institutions.
  • Juw Won ParkAugust 1, 2015: Juw Won Park, PhD, joins KBRIN Bioinformatics Core Staff Recently appointed Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Engineering and Computer Science, Dr. Park is providing service and collaboration to the KBRIN Bioinformatics Core. He specializes in RNA Sequencing Analysis. Welcome, Dr. Park! Learn More
  • Erin Strome, PhDAUG 1, 2015: Northern Kentucky University Erin Strome, PhD, assistant professor of biological sciences, was awarded an NIH grant for her project titled “Investigation of Candidate Modifier Loci for Cancer Susceptibility." Learn more

  • Dr. Michael Smith, WKUAUG 1, 2015:: Western Kentucky University Michael Smith, PhD, WKU assistant professor of biological sciences and Kevin Williams, PhD, WKU professor of chemistry, were awarded an NIH grant for their project titled “Finding Novel Platinum(II) Complex Anti-Cancer Drugs with Reduced Ototoxicity" Learn more

  • Amy Brausch, PhDMAY 1, 2015: Western Kentucky University Amy Brausch, PhD, assistant professor in the Department of Psychological Sciences, received the Ogden College of Science & Engineering Junior Faculty Research Award at WKU. Learn more
  • Alexey ArkovMAY 1, 2015: Murray State University is now one of KBRIN's Regional Comprehensive Partner/Affiliates with Alexey Arkov, PhD serving as the Murray State University lead faculty member.
  • MAR 2015: Dr. Mark Bardgett from Northern Kentucky University was named a 2015 Fellow in the Midwestern Psychological Association. Dr. Bardgett is Professor of Psychology and Director of the Interdisciplinary Minor in Neuroscience at NKU. He also serves as the institutional Lead Faculty representative for NKU as part of the KBRIN.
  • MAR 20-22, 2015: 14th UT-ORNL-KBRIN Bioinformatics Summit was held at Paris Landing State Park Conference Center in Buchanan, Tennessee.


  • Dr. HareOctober 2014 - Janelle Hare, Phd and Travis Witkowski, PhD,, were published in the peer-reviewed journal PLOS ONE. Dr. Hare and Witkowski researched how bacteria sense and repair DNA damage. KBRIN helped to fund this research. More
  • Dr. MarczinskiCecille Marczinski, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychology at NKU and KBRIN Awardee has been featured in international and national news this fall. She was elected as a Fellow to the American Psychological Association (APA), was a keynote speaker at a conference in Geelong, Australia, and was featured in an article in The Atlantic. More
  • Kurt Gibbs, Assistant Professor at Morehead receives NIH R15 Award for his proposal "miRNA expression after spinal cord compression injury in Xenopus laevis," More
  • Yan Zhang, PhDAug 2014 - Yan Zhang, PhD, a member of KBRIN's bioinformatics core, has taken a position as a Post Doc at the University of Maryland Institute for Genome Sciences.


  • Nigel Cooper, PhDDr. Nigel Cooper, KY INBRE Program Director, receives 5-year 18.3 million NIH grant award to strengthen Kentucky's infrastructure and capacity for biomedical research. More.


  • WKU researcher shines in “Science Idol” competition — Dr. Jill Maples, an assistant professor in WKU’s Department of Kinesiology, Recreation,Jill Maples and Sport was selected as a co-winner in the first ever “Science Idol” competition held at the recent National IDeA Symposium of Biomedical Research Excellence in Washington DC. More

  • Sabine Waigel receives awardJUNE, 2014: IDeA CORE TRAVEL AWARD — Sabine Waigel, UofL Genomics Core Manager, receives IDeA Core Travel Award. The travel award for IDeA-sponsored Core Lab members helps defray the cost of attending the 5th Biennial National IDeA Symposium of Biomedical Research Excellence (NISBRE). Sabine Waigel attended the symposium, which was held June 16-18, 2014 in Washington, DC.


  • Katy Carlson, PHD and Morehead State University researcher2013 - Katy Carlson's KBRIN-Funded Research Receives $350K NIH Grant — for a project titled “Accents and Syntactic Attachment: Exploring how pitch accents affect the resolution of syntactic ambiguities with or without prosodic boundaries.” - Learn more

  • Dr. Ajay SrivastavaOCT 2013: — The October 2013 issue of the Lane Report highlights a KBRIN researcher's study of the growth of cancer cells. Dr. Ajay Srivastava, a WKU biology professor, and his students conduct genetic experiments on the Drosophila species of fruit fly as a model to study how cancer cells metastasize. Read article

  • AUG 15-16: Dr.Cecile A. MarczinskiDr.Cecile A. Marczinski associate professor at Northern Kentucky University was invited to speak at a two-day workshop co-sponsored by the NIH Office of Dietary Supplements and multiple NIH institutes. This workshop brought together prominent experts from across the nation to discuss the current knowledge related to the health implications of energy drinks. Dr. Marczinski discussed her research supported by KBRIN and her NIH R15 award, which has made a national impact on both the scientific community and the general public.
  • APR 11, 2013: KBRIN-Supported NKU Student Shares First Place Award for Poster Competition in the Undergraduate/High School Division at the 2013 Neuroscience Day
    Learn more

  • 2013:Dr. Manori Jayasinghe— Manori Jayasinghe, former postdoc at Northern Kentucky University, has been offered a tenure-track position in the Physics Department at the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash campus.
  • APR 11, 2013 - Neuroscience Day 2013 added a new feature "DATA BLITZ:" a few abstracts from each category were selected for the Data Blitz, a rapid-fire overview of a poster presented to the entire audience at the beginning of Neuroscience Day.


  • APR, 2013 - Jordan Oberling2011 KBRIN summer student advances: Jordan Olberding, a WKU senior, was accepted into the PhD program at Yale University. Jordan was a 2011 KBRIN Summer Undergraduate Biomedical Research Program participant. Article and video


  • Susan BoucherMAR 2013 - Susan Boucher joins KBRIN's staff as Program Assistant.

  • FEB 2013: KBRIN-funded research in national news:Dr.Cecile A. MarczinskiDr.Cecile A. Marczinski's research on alcohol and diet soda has been featured by National Public Radio [read article] and CNN [read article] highlighted in a national news report.

  • Dr. Stefan Paula2nd NIH GRANT — Dr. Stefan Paula, an associate professor at NKU has received his second NIH grant for his research "Hydroquinone Derivatives as Novel Calcium Atpase Inhibitors." Dr. Paula describes his research and impact of receiving the grant in this VIDEO

  • Dr. Janelle HareNIH RENEWAL GRANT — Using her NIH renewal grant, Dr. Janelle Hare, an Associate Professor in the Biology & Chemistry Department of Morehead State University continues her research in "Mechanisms of Action of UMUD in Regulating DNA Damage-Induced Genes in a UMUC DEF." VIDEO and ARTICLE


  • APR, 2012 - Whitney Rogers, New KBRIN Program Business Manager joins KBRIN. Whitney comes from the Department of Neurology, most recently managing the nationally recognized Center of Excellence in Parkinson’s Disease Research and Care. She has over 9 years of experience in clinical research and patient care.
  • MAR 28-APR 1, 2012 - 11th Annual UT-ORNL-KBRIN Bioinformatics Summit was held in Louisville, Kentucky
  • FEB 2012 - Bioinformatics Internships for Undergraduate Students (BIUS) in the Southeast INBRE Region, a collaborative undergraduate summer program was established. Applications for the first summer program were received in March.


  • NOV. 4, 2011 - KBRIN Grant Writing Workshop held at Murray State
  • OCT. 10, 2011 - External Advisory Committee Meeting
  • OCT. 4, 2011 - IDeA PI Meeting, Bethesda, MD


  • SEPT. 22-24, 2011 - 2011 Southeast Regional Meeting, New Orleans, LA.
  • Dr. Michael Smith, WKUSEPT. 2, 2011: Science News: Growth Hormone Helps Repair the Zebrafish Ear: Dr. Michael Smith and researchers from Western Kentucky University and the University of Louisville worked together to see which genes were switched on or off after acoustic trauma and found distinct patterns of gene expression. Read Article.

  • MAY 12, 2011: KBRIN Bioinformatics Postdoc Associate Jovan David Rebolledo-Mendez, Ph.D.Jovan David Rebolledo-Mendez, Ph.D. was selected for a FASEB MARC Program Presentation Travel Award to attend the International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB) meeting and 10th European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB).

  • APR. 2011: Research by Northern Kentucky Researcher Dr.Cecile A. Marczinski is highlighted in a national news report. Read article in Science Daily or watch Dr. Marczinski in a NBC news report.