Call for Proposals

KBRIN Next-Generation Sequencing Pilot Projects


We are soliciting proposals for Next-Generation Sequencing Pilot Projects. Approximately five to six pilot projects will be awarded. Initial bioinformatics analysis will be provided by the KBRIN Bioinformatics Core. Final funding commitments will be made pending availability of funds for the new KBRIN P20GM103436 funding cycle in Spring 2019.


Pilot project awards are available for Kentucky investigators interested in transcriptome sequencing, comparative gene expression (RNA-Seq), 16S rRNA metagenomics analysis, PCR product amplicon sequencing, small whole genome sequencing and small RNA sequencing. Sequencing will be performed by the Genomics Facility of the University of Louisville. Awards will only cover the cost of sequence library construction, sequencing runs and primary bioinformatics analysis. All other costs are the responsibility of the researcher. Data obtained from funded projects will be submitted to the NCBI GEO or SRA database. By accepting an award, P.I.s agree to provide a 1-page outcome summary within 12 months, and agree to be available to give a presentation about their supported work during our weekly Bioinformatics Journal Club meetings at UofL.


Applications will be evaluated for scientific merit, relevance to public health, experimental design and sequencing cost. Plans for publication and/or submission of pilot data for grant applications should be mentioned. Such plans must include citation of NIH award P20GM103436. Projects that incorporate new or less common library preparation protocols and methods developments are encouraged to apply.


Please submit the following documents – using NIH PHS398 forms and instructions:

  • NIH Face page 1 form (signed)
  • NIH Project Summary page 2 form
  • Research Abstract 1 page max that includes:
  • Study title and objective with statement of relevance to public health
  • Experimental design, including
    • type of project (i.e. RNA-Seq; 16S etc)
    • species
    • preferred library prep method (e.g. ribosomal depletion or poly-A enrichment for RNASeq), if any
    • amount of RNA or DNA starting material that can be supplied
    • numbers of samples, groups and replicates
    • Estimated required depth of coverage, read length and analysis needs
    • Time frame when samples will be available
    • Description of how the data will be used (e.g. grant proposal, publication, etc)

Also submit as NIH format attachments:

  • IRB approval notice, Human Subjects Protection section, Human Subjects Education certification, and Targeted/Planned Enrollment Table (if applicable).
  • IACUC approval, Vertebrate Animal 5 points (if applicable)

Submit as email Word attachment to Wolfgang Zacharias ( with the subject line “KBRIN NextGenSeq Proposal 2019”.


5:00 pm (Eastern time) Fri Dec 21, 2018.

Selected projects will be notified no later than 5:00 pm (Eastern) Friday, Jan 25, 2019. Approved pilot projects will be processed on a first come, first served basis beginning in May 2019.