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Impact Winter 2008

Impact Cover

University Research: Making an Impact

A letter from Manuel Martinez-Maldonado

Observations From a Small Planet

A small but scrappy band of UofL astronomers probe stars, nebulae, and clouds of dust and gas in deep space to understand how stars, planets and the universe came to be.

Reducing Landmine Dangers

Hichem Frigui uses computer algorithms to figure out whether a suspicious object buried under the ground is a tin can or an explosive mine. The technology is being used on the battlefield.

Cardinal Singers Hit the Highs

The ensemble based in UofL's music school went from good to great—reaping multiple international honors—under the tutelage of Kent Hatteberg.

Stem Cell Breakthroughs

Mariusz Ratajczak’s breakthrough techniques of drawing stem cells from bone marrow mean development of new treatments for a variety of diseases.

Before the Ice Melts

Geosciences professor Keith Mountain has trekked through wicked ice storms on peaks in Peru, Alaska, China and Africa to study the decline of glaciers due to global warming.

Tackling Cervical Cancer in India

A. Bennett Jenson and colleagues are using tobacco plants to develop a new generation of affordable cervical cancer vaccines, as well as testing a new treatment regimen for impoverished Indians.

Chew on This!

Dental Researchers including Dennis Kinane are looking at the health of teeth and gums in a whole new way—as links to other conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

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