Hands-On Rodent Surgical Workshop

Note: you must be an approved project participant on an IACUC proposal (or "protocol") to take these courses.

Rodent Surgery I

Rodent Surgery I discusses the current IACUC policy requirements as well as best practices for successful rodent surgery. The hands-on portion of the class teaches how to use an isoflurane gas anesthesia machine, induce general anesthesia, assess depth of anesthesia, prepare a surgical site, maintain a sterile field, recover animals from anesthesia, and complete surgical/anesthesia records. Proper aseptic technique will be emphasized. This is a prerequisite to attending Rodent Surgery II. Note: it is recommended that individuals with limited or no animal experience attend the basic rodent techniques course; this is an advanced course and does not cover injection techniques, euthanasia, or animal handling. 


Rodent Surgery II

Rodent Surgery II builds upon the preceding course by introducing basic surgical techniques. This includes proper surgical approach, tissue handling, and closing incisions using suture and/or wound clips. Participants will practice these techniques and troubleshoot common problems encountered during rodent surgeries. Note: Rodent Surgery I is a prerequisite to this course.



Note: The trainings are scheduled for the fourth Wednesday of each month at 1PM  in the MDR basement room 012 and last approximately 90 minutes. Rodent Surgery II is not offered at present, but will be available in the coming months. 


Rodent Surgery III

Rodent Surgery III is a specialized surgery workshop that is offered on request. This custom-made course instructs research personnel on specific surgical training pertinent to their studies.  Rodent Surgery III RESERVATION REQUEST FORM