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1. Reporting and Investigating Animal Welfare Concerns.pdf

2. Proposal Review and Approval.pdf

3. Modification of an Approved Proposal.pdf

4. Required Training.pdf

         -Level I Training Materials (Brochures)

                1. Introduction to the Use of Animals in Biomedical Research.pdf

                2. Introduction to Occupational Hazards Associated with the Care and Use of Animals.pdf          

        -2013 Level II Schedule.pdf

5. Animal Aquisition.pdf

6. Use of Pharmaceutical-Grade Medications and Outdated Drug Supplies.pdf

7. Use of Postoperative Analgesia Following Major Survival Surgery.pdf

8. Performing Rodent Survival Surgery.pdf

9. Transporting Animals to Research Laboratories.pdf

10. Use of Freund's Complete Adjuvant.pdf

11. Animal Security in Investigator Laboratories.pdf

12. Laboratory and Satellite Rodent Housing.pdf

         -Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition (HVAC) System Summary.doc

13. Testing of Cell Lines and Other Biological Materials for Rodent Pathogens.pdf

14. Rodent Breeding Colonies.pdf

15. Hazardous Chemical Review and Approval.pdf

16. Tissue Sharing.pdf

17. Prolonged Physical Restraint.pdf

18. Individual Risk Assessment and Medical Surveillance.pdf

19. Biological Hazard Review and Approval.pdf

20. Oversight of Core Animal Laboratories.pdf

21. Rodent Identification.pdf

22. Tissue Harvesting for Rodent Genotyping.pdf

23. Semi-Annual Program Review.pdf

24. The Use of Chicken/Avian Embryo.pdf

25. Proposal Expiration.pdf

26. Individual Animal Records.pdf

27. PI Maintained Non-Mammalian Housing.pdf

           -Aquatic System Summary Form.pdf

28. Social Housing of Animals.pdf

29. Research Studies Utilizing Privately Owned Animals.pdf       

         -*Animal Consent Template.doc

30. Humane Endpoints.pdf

31. Acclimation Periods for Newly Received Animals.pdf

*The Animal Consent Template should be opened as a Word document with "Show Markup" 

engaged in order to view helpful tips (Track Changes, "Final Show Markup").


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