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6/12/18- Location Changes and the IRB: FAQs

If during the course of the study the physical location of the department or clinic moves, study documents must be revised and subjects must be notified. For further information and frequently asked questions please visit here.

4/1/2018- Fee Schedule and Billing Process Change

The University of Louisville IRB Review Fee Schedule and billing process is changing for industry contracts executed on or after 7/1/18. Please review the revised fee schedule for details on the new amounts and new billing process. Please ensure the updated amounts with F&A are included in contacts/budgets that will be executed 7/1/18 or later.

3/1/2018- Consent Form Changes  

Any approval sent on or after 4/1/18 where consent forms will be stamped will no longer have an expiration date on the stamp. The consent form will be stamped with an approval date only. The consent will expire if the study lapses in IRB approval. Enrollment cannot take place if a study lapses in approval. For additional information view Guide 038.