Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs, Inc. (AAHRPP) accreditation is a public affirmation of an organization's commitment to protecting research participants. The University of Louisville Human Subjects Protection Program has full accreditation through AAHRPP.


The IRB Investigator’s Guide (v.2011) and IRB SOPs (v.2011) have been combined into one document, the HRPP Policy Manual. Individual policies previously viewed from the HSPPO website can now be found within this document. The new location of specific policies is listed in the table below.


New Location

Action for Failure to Obtain Required Subject Authorization for the Use of Protected Health Information

Privacy Office Policy

Authority of the UofL IRB

HRPP Chapter 6.1

Deferral to NCI CIRB

HRPP Chapter 13, Guide 031

Institutional Review Board Membership

HRPP Chapter 6

IRB Report of Findings Policy

HRPP Chapter 3.6

Lapse in Approval (Continuation Review)

HRPP Chapter 7.11, Chapter 3.4

Local Adverse Events, External Adverse Events, UPIRTSOs,

HRPP Chapter 15.3, Guide 023

Paying Human Subjects Policy

HRPP Chapter 10.4, Guide 030

Suspension or Termination of Previously Approved Research

HRPP Chapter 3.5

University of Louisville Non-Compliance Policy

HRPP Chapter 3

University of Louisville Non-Retaliation Policy

Research Integrity Program Policy