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Undergraduate Summer Research Opportunities

All of the following are research-intensive programs that begin the Tuesday after Memorial Day and last for 10-weeks. Each program has its own application and review process. Each program offers a stipend. Once accepted into one of the programs, in addition to their one-on-one mentored research project, all students participate in a collective weekly educational program.

Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP)

The Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP) directed by the Office of the Executive Vice President for Research and Innovation, provides University of Louisville students, who would like to know more about graduate-level education, with a 10-week research experience in a department that offers graduate degrees. These fellowships will also be available to under-served/under-represented student populations from regional colleges and universities. Mentors will provide students with individualized research projects, and the program will provide group seminars on topics related to research and graduate education. Students should be, preferably, in their sophomore or junior year of study.

National Institutes of Health – KBRIN Program

The University of Louisville has received an award from the National Center for Research Resources, NIH for the development of a Biomedical Research Infrastructure Network in Kentucky. This award provides funds enabling 20 undergraduate students to gain summer research experience in biomedical research at either the University of Louisville or the University of Kentucky (10 students per campus). Emphasis will be in the areas of gene-based research and/or bioinformatics. Research-active faculty will mentor students. The research experience is directed, in particular, at students who are considering a career in research (i.e. students planning to pursue an advanced degree in biological or biomedical research). While undergraduate students at all levels will be considered, priority will be given to students entering the sophomore or junior years of study. Undergraduate students from KY colleges and universities are given preference.

Minority and Disadvantaged Undergraduate Summer Program in Cardiovascular Research

This research program exposes minority undergraduate students to cardiovascular research at the University of Louisville. A NIH Short-Term Training Grant from the National Heart Blood and Lung Institute supports the program. Students are recruited primarily from Kentucky universities and colleges, however minority students attending schools outside of Kentucky are also encouraged to apply. At least eight minority summer research fellowships will be awarded each year.

University of Louisville NCI Cancer Education Program

The long-term objective of the University of Louisville NCI Cancer Education Program is to recruit, educate and motivate outstanding undergraduate and professional students to pursue further training and future careers in cancer research. Further information and the application form are available at

Chemistry and Structural Biology Research Experiences for Undergraduates

This NSF-funded Program supports undergraduate students (10) for10-week research projects in Chemistry and Structural Biology with faculty members in the Chemistry Department. In addition to research, the Program offers field trips to area companies and weekly Educational Seminars on topics related to career planning and professional advancement/development. Preference is given to students from small colleges/universities that have limited funds and resources for research. Additional information and application form are available at

Biology Research Experiences for Undergraduate

An undergraduate immersive research experience in one of five plant research laboratories at the University of Louisville. Additional educational activities help prepare students for graduate school and beyond. Areas of research include biochemistry, development, ecology, genetics, genomics, and molecular biology. Additional information and application form are available at

Neurosciences Program

The Center for Molecular Neurobiology provides summer research opportunities at UofL for undergraduate students (3-5). The objective of this program is to encourage undergraduate students to aspire to a career in neuroscience. Students are placed in the laboratory of a professor-mentor which provides them with the chance to learn research methods and techniques in neuroscience and where they can become involved in the research program of their mentor.


Questions about any of the programs not answered at the web site, please contact Dr. Pamela W. Feldhoff, Ph.D.


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