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KNODE: a new research tool for UofL researchers, staff and affiliates to collaborate and identify life sciences experts.

What is KNODE?

KNODE ( is a cloud-based tool which provides a comprehensive view of life sciences experts and their scientific content (i.e. publications, patents, grants, clinical trials). KNODE’s platform automatically aggregates scientific content from publically available databases (i.e. PubMed, USPTO, NIH RePORTER,, etc.) into individual researcher expertise profiles. Integrating high quality, expert scientific content is the foundation of the KNODE platform.

Why has the University of Louisville (UofL) partnered with KNODE?

UofL Office of Research & Innovation has partnered with KNODE, Inc. to provide access for UofL faculty, staff and affiliates to the KNODE expertise platform. KNODE has created a UofL specific “portal of researchers,” connecting you with the most relevant experts inside the University, and their associated scientific content. Additionally, UofL’s partnership with KNODE provides access to the scientific content of experts outside of the University, greatly expanding the applications of the KNODE platform. The UofL KNODE “portal of researchers” is open for use at

What are some applications of the KNODE platform?

      Collaboration: Kick off a collaboration by quickly identifying key internal UofL and external experts and related scientific content.

      Grant Proposal Review: Identify internal and/or external subject matter experts for review and critique of grant proposals prior to submission.

      Interdisciplinary Team Formation: Identify relevant experts from across disparate disciplines for a new project.

      Decision-making: Access the most up to date information before developing a critical assay or executing an experiment.

      Stay Up-to-Date: Stay abreast of what your colleagues are working on at the click of a button.

      Many more…

Can I edit content on my personal KNODE profile?

Yes. Upon activation of your account you will be able to claim your profile and edit your respective scientific content, auto-generated by the KNODE platform. When you first sign into the system please be sure to review and claim your profile using the “Claim this profile” tab. Any discrepancies with your profile can be reported to KNODE using the “Report an Issue” tab or by sending an e-mail to Additional functionality, including adding missing content or linking to other data sources will be available in the coming months. Suggestions welcome!

Can I edit my expertise “tag cloud” in my profile?

Your tag cloud is derived by algorithms that examine your entire list of publications, patents, and other scientific content. Claiming and editing your profile isn’t necessary, but ensures the highest level of accuracy for this process. To suggest additional keyword topics or phrases, enter them in the “Professional Interests” field in your profile. In the future, KNODE will start to take those into consideration as part of their automated process.

What do I do if I want to be included in the UofL KNODE “portal of researchers”?

For most faculty researchers at the University of Louisville nothing is required, you are already in the “portal of researchers.” However, if you find that your scientific profile is not in the portal and would like to be included, please send a request for inclusion to Kevyn Merten at

What if I do not want my scientific content/profile included in the UofL KNODE “portal of researchers”?

If you do not want to be included in the UofL KNODE expertise portal, opt-out is easy. Simply send a request for removal to Kevyn Merten at and we will quickly have you removed from the portal. Please note that your profile will remain in the greater KNODE expertise platform as profiles are aggregated from publically available databases.

How often is the profile information in the system updated?

KNODE automatically generates and continuously updates expert profiles, eliminating the requirement for manual editing.

I’ve got some suggestions and other feedback for the KNODE expertise platform. Who should I contact?

Suggestions and feedback can be directed to Kevyn Merten, Ph.D. at or (502) 852-1637 or to KNODE directly at Please note that if you give feedback/suggestions about the software or portal to KNODE, you give to KNODE, without charge, the right to use, share and commercialize your feedback in any way and for any purpose.

Who should I contact for further information about KNODE?

Questions and comments related to the UofL KNODE “portal of researchers” can be directed to Kevyn Merten, Ph.D. at or (502) 852-1637. Questions and comments on the greater KNODE platform should be directed to David Tharp, Head of Business Development at KNODE,  Also see the  Research!Louisville (PDF) presentation on KNODE-UofL collaboration.


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