International Workers and Visitors

General Information

UofL is required by federal regulations to monitor assignments to its facilities of foreign nationals to ensure that the disclosure of, and access to, export controlled articles and related information are limited to those approved by an export authorization.  In accordance with part 6 of the I-129 visa petition UofL must certify whether or not an H-1B/H-1B1/L-1/O-1A applicant requires an export license.  This certification is not required for student (F-1) or Visiting Scholar (J-1) visa petitions.


What do I need to do?

Go to the ISSS website and review the process for the non-immigrant visa class of your visitor.  These websites will contain information about how to initiate the visa process. 

For non-immigrant workers, including individuals in H-1B and O-1 status, University Counsel will request sponsoring faculty members, grant managers, or administrators to complete the I-129 Export Compliance Questionnaire and Certification.  The Office of Export and Secure Research Compliance will review the information and determine whether an export license is required in order for UofL to employ the beneficiary.  Once the determination is made, University Counsel will submit a Form I-129 to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service.

Although the I-129 compliance certification is not required for student (F-1) or Visiting Scholar (J-1) visa petitions, the export control regulations remain applicable to the activities of these two groups while at the University of Louisville.  

How can OESRC help if we are not hiring a foreign worker but simply hosting a foreign visitor?

We can screen foreign visitors to UofL for export and sanction regulation compliance and affiliation with restricted parties or embargoed organizations. 

OESRC will be happy to assist you in completing this review process.  You can contact us or email us at  If an export authorization is required from the United States Government for your international visitor, OESRC can prepare license requests and submit them on behalf of the university.  Filing for export licenses takes time (45-90 days after license application) for approval from the government after filing.  Failure to obtain the appropriate license or other government approval, or failure to file correct export information on the visa petition may result in civil and criminal penalties.  OESRC can help you be certain your export review and license application is in compliance with applicable export and sanction laws.