About the Commercialization EPI-Center at UofL

New discoveries and innovations are happening all the time in the University of Louisville’s research labs. The mission of the UofL Commercialization EPI-Center is to transfer those discoveries from the lab to the marketplace through licenses, partnerships and new companies.

The office is an ‘epicenter’ for those activities at UofL, joining Entrepreneurship, Partnerships and Innovation (EPI) to foster the development and commercialization of technologies that help accelerate the regional economy, and provide people with innovative products and tools that increase their quality of life. The EPI-Center works to champion innovation for the benefit society, which fosters a return on the public’s investment in university research.

The office manages university intellectual property, guides the commercialization process, acts as a single point of contact for industry stakeholders and and accelerates the growth of startup enterprises.

What we do:

  • Work with UofL researchers and innovators to vet discoveries and their commercial potential, as well as protect and manage the resulting intellectual property through research disclosure and other legal obligations;
  • Market innovations to external stakeholders for licensing, say to established companies, and other forms of partnerships that serve to advance the technology commercialization process;
  • Accelerate the growth of local entrepreneurship by assisting researchers in launching their own startups, or licensing out technologies and educating entrepreneurs on intellectual property and startup resources;
  • Encourage new discoveries and innovations through prestigious translational research programs.

"Welcome to the new University of Louisville Commercialization EPI-Center, which takes the ground-breaking discoveries created by innovators across UofL from mind to market. Our new office name describes the center of our focus: Commercialization, Entrepreneurship, Partnerships and Innovation." 

– Allen Morris, PhD, MBA, Executive Director, UofL EPI-Center