New Federal Procurement Requirements Effective July 1, 2018

Beginning on July 1, 2018, new procurement regulations will be implemented by the federal government.  The biggest impact of these new regulations on the UofL research community will be in the procurement of goods and non-professional services in the $10,000-$39,999 price range when using federal (and federal flow-through) funding.  As specified in the new regulations (see 200.320 b), purchases in this price range will require the university to obtain price or rate quotations from “an adequate number of qualified sources.”  In order to fulfill the “adequate number of quaIified sources” requirement, three quotations will be required when making purchases in this price range from federal awards beginning on July 1.

Please note that this three quote process is in alignment with standard university procedures that are used to purchase goods and services in the $20,000-39,999 price range.  The key difference is in the lower dollar threshold ($10,000-$39,999) that the federal government requires the university to use.

Memo: From Dr. Robert Keynton, Interim EVPRI and Joseph Han, COO