Workspace: Be Prepared

After December 31, 2017, will no longer allow applicants to download an entire application form package as a single PDF for offline data entry and later submission. For NIH applicants that used ASSIST or iRIS system-to-system submission functionality in FY2017, this change will have little impact. Downloadable form users, however, need to switch to another submission option quickly. Here are the three options available after December 31, 2017:

  • Begin or continue using a sponsor specific system, such as NIH ASSIST or NSF FastLane.
  • Use Workspace. To do this, all that you need to do is Register with as an “Organization Applicant” using the University of Louisville’s DUNS number: 057588857.  Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) will then receive an email to authorize your “Manage Workspace” role, which allows you to create Workspaces. If you have any questions about registering with Workspace or need help with a specific application, contact your Grants Management Specialist (GMS). Find your GMS by clicking here.
  • For NIH RO1 or R21 proposals, you can also use iRIS for a system-to-system submission.

Note: Proposals to the NSF may still be submitted using FastLane. NIH proposals may still be submitted via ASSIST. NASA proposals will continue to be submitted using NSPIRES. Remember, SPA submits proposals on behalf of the University of Louisville after they are routed to SPA and reviewed. If you downloaded an Adobe application package before January 1, 2018, SPA will accept Adobe Form applications until February 28, 2018.