Registration Information

This publication contains general information for the Summer 2019, Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 semesters.

Up to date course information is available on the web at http://ulink.louisville.edu 

(under 'Apply to U of L', 'Other Information', 'Schedule of Classes'.)

If you are not a current student or are having trouble logging on, the schedule is also available at louisville.edu. Select ‘students’, ‘academics’, ‘reference’, ‘Schedule of Classes’ 

The University of Louisville reserves the right to change programs of study, academic policies, academic requirements, fees, course information, procedures for the confirmation of degrees, or the announced academic calendar and related deadlines without prior notice.

The provisions of this publication do not constitute an express or implied contract between the University of Louisville and any member of the student body, faculty, or general public.

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