Speed Calculus Preview Program Overview

The Calculus Preview Program is a four-week, intensive review program for intermediate algebra and advanced algebra skills.  This program offers fast-paced instruction in a self-paced format.  In addition, online computer sessions provide practice, supplemental instruction, and skills tests for each week of the program.  Students must work to complete weekly assignments and tests for successful completion of the program.  If a student successfully completes the program, he or she will be better prepared to handle the rigorous first few weeks of her/his first SPEED engineering course.

Is this program for you?

First-year engineering students are required to take an online diagnostic test, the Speed Algebra Readiness Exam (ARE), to determine their readiness for their first engineering calculus course. This test is taken before orientation and information regarding the test is provided to students in pre-orientation materials. The test results will indicate if a student will benefit from a review of intermediate and advanced algebra skills to be better prepared for Introductory Calculus and  Engineering Analysis I.  If you have questions, please contact the Speed Advising Center or Carrye Wilkins at 502-852-7434.

Speed Algebra Readiness Exam Instructions

Students who don’t perform well on the first two exams will be encouraged to drop ENGR 101 and transfer to ENGR 190, the Introductory Calculus course.
Students must stay on schedule and complete online homework and tests with an 80% average. If a student tends to procrastinate and complete assignments at the last minute, he or she may not be successful in this review program.

What are the advantages of the Speed Calculus Preview Program?

Advantages for students placed into Engineering Analysis I (ENGR 101)

Students who participate in this program will experience an intense algebra review, which may help them earn a higher grade in Engineering Analysis I, ENGR 101.  This program includes material specifically designed to help students strengthen their algebra foundation and make a smooth transition from high school calculus to the rigor of ENGR 101. Reviewing the advanced algebra topics needed for ENGR 101 will prepare students to be successful in their first college calculus course. Two advanced algebra exams are given in ENGR 101 during the first 17 days of the semester, so students who participate in this program will be better prepared for their homework assignments and exams.

Advantages for students placed into Introductory Calculus (ENGR 190)

Students who successfully complete this program experience an intense review which may help them proceed more quickly through the self-paced course material and earn higher grades in Introductory Calculus. This program includes material specifically designed to prepare students for the first half of the ENGR 190 course material.