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Purchasing 8.00

Non-Competitive Negotiation/Single Source


The Commonwealth of Kentucky Model Procurement Code, 45A-095, requires that competitive bids be solicited for purchases of $40,000 or more.

Sole Source is a situation in which there is only one (1) known capable supplier of the commodity or service, created by the unique nature of the requirements, compatibility with existing equipment, the supplier, or market conditions.  Price and Delivery shall not be a consideration in support of a sole source decision.

Both the University and its agents can be held liable for Contracts or Purchase Orders issued through the single/sole source procedure if the decision is based on false or incomplete information.  All such requests must be fully substantiated prior to contracting.

A contract may be established by non-competitive negotiation for sole source purchases where competition is not feasible as determined by Contract Administration and Procurement Services.  Exceptions to this statute must be justified in written form from the using department and submitted for review and approval by the appropriate Purchasing officials.


Requesting department prepares a complete Single/Sole Source Justification form and submits to the appropriate Buyer for review. This Single/Sole Source request explains the nature of the commodity/service, describing uniqueness of situation and why this is the only item/firm suited for their purpose.  Failure to supply all information requested along with applicable signatures may cause a delay in approval.  The Single/Sole Source Justification form is located on the Purchasing Forms page.

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