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Purchasing 6.00

Purchase By Competitive Sealed Bidding


As stipulated by KRS 45A.080 and 45A.100, the University is required to solicit formal Invitations to Bid for commodities and services, including construction, which are expected to exceed $40,000.00. Invitation to Bids shall state that awards shall be made on the basis of best value (KRS 45A.080(2)). The University of Louisville Department of Purchasing has been delegated this responsibility by the President and the Board of Trustees and is the sole point of contact for the University during an open bidding process.  The buying staff has also been given the authority to determine the method (i.e., bid, quote, etc.) of procurement for purchases under $40,000.00 using the value added principle.  All Invitation to Bids shall have a specified opening date and time and are publicly opened and read on that date.  Late bids are not accepted.  A department shall not artificially divide or parcel purchases over a period of time for the purpose of evading the competitive bidding process.  For cases in which purchases are so divided or parceled, the department head shall be personally liable for the amount by which the total amount purchased exceeds the amount authorized to be purchased.

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