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Purchasing 41.00

Vehicle Purchase Policy


POLICY:  In order to account and maintain current levels of vehicles within the University Fleet, the purchase of either a new or replacement vehicles; must have prior written approval from the Vice President for Business Affairs Office.  Only after approval of the VPBA Office shall the purchase of any such vehicle proceed.  All purchases of vehicles shall be in compliance with KRS45A.

Effective August 1, 2012, all vehicles (new and used) purchased by the University must be flex fuel compatible to meet Department of Energy requirements.  Exceptions include:  Emergency Response vehicles, Vehicles over 8500 GTW and Grounds Equipment.



  1. Identification by Department for the need/request for a new Motor Vehicle (car/truck/van).
  2. Submission of Request to Purchase Motor Vehicle form to the Department of Purchasing.
  3. Request form reviewed for completeness by the Department of Purchasing and forwarded to the VPBA Office for review and approval.
  4. VPBA reviews, approves or rejects and forwards back to Purchasing to begin procurement process.
  5. Purchase made in compliance with KRS45A via Bid or Contract.
  6. Copy of PO sent to Inventory Control and notification to dealer/vendor to make delivery to Inventory Control for Registration, Licensing and UofL Identification.


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