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Purchasing 39.00

Reciprocal Preference:

In accordance with KRS 45A.490 to 45A.494, Kentucky Resident Bidder Status or Qualified Bidder Status , a resident Offeror of the Commonwealth of Kentucky shall be given a preference against a nonresident Offeror.  In evaluating proposals, the University will apply a reciprocal preference against an Offeror submitting a proposal from a state that grants residency preference equal to the preference given by the state of the nonresident Offeror.  Residency and nonresidency shall be defined in accordance with KRS 45A.494(2) and 45A.494(3), respectively.  Any Offeror claiming Kentucky residency status shall submit with its bid/proposal a notarized affidavit (Resident Bidder Claim Form, Qualified Bidder Claim Form) with support documentation affirming that it meets the criteria as set for in the above referenced statute.

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