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Purchasing 37.00

Printing Regulations with IT

Under State law, printing may only be performed directly by any agency capable of providing in-house services (KRS57.021) and/or, contracts awarded following the competitive bid process (KRS57.011) with final approval from the Governor (KRS57.091).

The Department of Purchasing has established multiple contracts with local and regional printing facilities to provide pre-authorized eligibility by these contract printers to perform individual print jobs as required by the University.  Furthermore, the Department of Purchasing has delegated to Printing Services the responsibility of: specifications, bidding, analysis and contractor relations processes.

All printing requests, regardless of sourcing funds, must go through IT Print, who has first right of refusal. IT Print decides if a job will be done in-house or sent to a previously approved vendor. This policy provides access by University Departments to timely, cost effective printing services while insuring full compliance with all applicable State laws.  Under no circumstances may printing be procured without competitive bidding, contracting and the Governor's signature.

For the purpose of this policy; "PRINTING" includes, but is not limited to the following definitions:

          Graphic design and typesetting
          University stationary, letterhead, business cards, printed envelopes
          Books, catalogs, magazines and annual reports
          Brochures and flyers
          Newsletters, forms, prescription pads, posters
          Custom tabs/index cards, note pads, greeting cards and calendars
          All other printed materials using offset lithography or digital production methods


For further information, please see the IT Print website.  



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