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Purchasing 31.00

Recycled Material Content Procurement

As stipulated by KRS Law (45A.520, 45A.525, 45A.530), the University shall be required to institute policies and practices to stimulate the availability and use of recycled material content products which will educate the University campus about the value of recycling as a component of waste management.

Vendor Recycled Certification Form

  1. University Purchases:
    The University shall when purchasing goods, supplies, equipment, materials and printing require a minimum recycled material content for these goods, supplies, equipment, materials and printing. For example, all paper, paper products and office supplies made of paper must contain a minimum recycled content of 50% recovered material and 10% post consumer waste. Vendors will be required to complete and sign a certification of recycled material form. This form is available from the Department of Purchasing.  A complete list of all items and their recycled material content requirements is available under the Kentucky Administrative Regulations. The recycled material content shall be established by administration regulations and at a minimum shall be equal to the recycled material content established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.
  2. University Reporting:
    The University shall prepare a report by January 1 of each year to the General Assembly and the Governor of Kentucky on progress in procuring products made from recovered materials. The report shall include:
    1. The recycled content percentages of the various products being purchased.
    2. Relative costs of virgin and recycled products.
    3. Sources of recycled products being purchased.
    4. Types of performance tests conducted on recycled products, the results, and actual experience.
    5. Organizations participating in cooperative purchasing and volumes of materials purchased.
    6. A list of products reviewed for changes in specifications relating to their minimum recycled content.
  3. Recycled Materials Specifications:
    The Department of Purchasing, prior to the issuance of an invitation for bid, quotation or request for proposal, shall review and revise specifications for the purchase of goods, supplies, equipment, material and printing to:
    1. Provide specifications that explain the recycled material content percentage requirements and definitions, for recovered material, mill broke, post consumer waste. The University may require, to the extent practicable, every person entering into a contract for building, altering, repairing, improving or demolishing any structures or buildings or other improvements to any real property to use goods, supplies, equipment, materials and printing necessary to fulfill the contract which meet the United States E.P.A. requirements for recycled material content.
  4. Nonrecyclable Materials:
    Nonrecyclable materials may be purchased for goods, supplies, equipment, materials and print for which a recycled material content substitute is not available. The Department of Purchasing has the authority to justify specifications for goods, supplies, equipment, materials and printing which cannot be met by recycled material content substitutes.
  5. Projects Financed By Bonds Issued:
    The University shall require that every project financed fifty percent (50%) or more by bonds issued be undertaken with goods, supplies, equipment, materials, and printing which meet the requirements for recycled material content.
  6. Vendors to be Informed:
    The Department of Purchasing shall inform all vendors offering goods, supplies, equipment, materials and printing of the requirements for recycled material content.
  7. University Stockroom:
    All paper and paper products stocked in the University Stockroom meet the recycled material content requirements. All office supplies purchased from the University Contract Vendor are in compliance with the recycled material content law.
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