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Purchasing 30.00

Purchases From Correctional Industries

  1. The University is encouraged to purchase items and/or services supplied by Correctional Industries, if acceptable in price, quality, and delivery. Items and services may be purchased directly without competitive bids. There is no limitation with respect to the quantities that may be purchased.
  2. Correctional Industries, phone (800) 828-9524, shall furnish the University a current (priced) catalog listing products and/or services available. Services may be negotiated as the need arises.
  3. Prison-made products shall be produced in sufficient quantities to meet the reasonable delivery requirements of all Universities and shall meet the established standards of quality set by the Universities.
  4. Correctional Industries is invited, and may elect to bid for various requirements of the University as advertised. Correctional Industries shall be given the same consideration as bidders from the private sector. If Correctional Industries is successful in presenting the lowest responsible bid meeting specifications, etc., it shall be awarded a price contract or purchase order, whichever is applicable.

KRS 45A.470

KRS 197.210

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