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Purchasing 25.00

Purchase of Pre-Owned and Reconditioned Equipment and Products

  1. Pre-owned, reconditioned, and demonstrator-type equipment and products may sometimes meet the needs of the University when available at current and fair market prices. Value analysis may also determine that "factory-seconds" products can meet this criterion.
  2. The University may elect to purchase this type equipment or product provided a written determination is filed outlining the following:
    1. The purchase is fully justified.
    2. It is of proven value to the University.
    3. Bona fide statements of the condition of the materials accompany the letter.
    4. Independent appraisals of all equipment and/or other materials attesting to current market values accompany the request. Complete data and descriptions, model numbers, serial numbers, brand names, and accessories must also be included.
  3. The Department of Purchasing shall review such requests, and if they are determined to be in the best interest of the University, with purchase costs(s) reasonable, may issue the authority for a single-source purchase or offer an alternative.
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